I started this blog as I was applying for jobs, typing numerous cover letters in attempts at conveying my personal strengths. It seemed most recruiters didn’t care too much for my canine buff expertise or tin-shed sleeping experiences, but as more and more acquaintances, family and friends began asking me to help them book plane tickets or assist them in planning an international vacation, I found my niche: the world!

As the daughter of a stereotypical – funny, outgoing American and an organized, blue-eyed, reserved German, my life began caught between two cultures. No matter where we lived, I was fortunate to experience the world around us bright eyed and bushy tailed, because one of my parents was always excited to travel and take in as much as possible. Everything was new to someone and with frequent moves, we made our way around Europe and America.

When it was time for me to graduate high school, I had been lucky to have visited more countries than most adults had in their lifetime, yet my worldly appetite was just beginning. Upon my graduation I set off on my first solo journey to Africa to spend some time volunteering before returning to America to attend college.

I believe it was this trip which signaled a new era in my mind. My mother had told me traveling to Africa was something she had always wanted to do when she was younger, but never did get around to. My father was certainly scared for my safety at first, but realized this was the daughter he had raised. It was a252835_10150233392578905_984451_n path which had been set for me, and I believe the same is true for many others my age, it’s our millennial pilgrimage.
We are different, us millennials. Thanks to our parents and grandparents, the world is a compilation of opportunity doors we were given the key to, and I am set on unlocking every door I can. An internship in China, a surfing lesson in Bali, and a kiss at the Taj Mahal later, I’m here. Ready to break stereotypes, bridge cultures and better understand the world and humanity around us.

I hope you will join me and find the blog helpful in discovering your own
millennial pilgrimage regardless of what age you might be.

With a suitcase in one hand and opportunity in the other,

Nicole Sweet